Skytrust makes it easier to manage workplace health, safety and compliance requirements so you can focus on your core mission 

In an environment where people interaction, repetitive tasks and manual handling are the norm, there must be a way to be able to report when things go wrong. Skytrust captures incidents and hazards involving staff, residents and visitors in real time. Customer complaints, NDIS and general safety and quality management can be managed on one platform reducing the need to log into different systems to report what is happening in your business. Inductions for employees and contractors are streamlined, along with keeping up to date when employee flu vaccinations are due, manual handling equipment needs servicing and fridge temperatures are monitored to ensure the Food Safety Act is complied with.


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Monitor visitors and personnel with a sign-in register

With stricter policies surrounding visitor & personnel check-in, the sign-in register tells you exactly who’s inside the facility, what time they arrived as well as what time they departed. Take the guesswork out and let Skytrust do the monitoring.

Keep workers up to date with new policies & certifications

Certifications and policies are continually changing in the Aged & Community Services Industry. With increased regulation, you need the ability to get your staff quickly up to date with new policies as they arise. Create custom inductions and send them out at the click of a button.

Be notified immediately by instantly capturing actions, hazards & incidents

Assign actions to workers and monitor what’s been completed and what hasn’t, increased visibility results in higher levels of productivity and ensures nothing falls through the gaps. Allow workers to capture hazards and incidents so the relevant people are notified immediately. Start taking decisive action faster with your team.

Why Skytrust is essential for the Aged & Community Services Industry

  • Take action faster

    Be notified instantly so you can take immediate action as Hazards & Incidents arise with your whole team.

  • Identify trends before an Incident occurs

    Instantly reporting data means trends are formed constantly.

  • Monitor equipment including medical devices, beds and wheelchairs

    Keep track of maintenance and calibration requirements with automatic email notifications. Custom QR codes allow for accessing equipment information instantaneously.

  • Empower your workforce

    Maintain tracking of mandatory staff training and comprehensive HR profiles including any incident involvements, personal documents and essential health information.

  • Ensure compliance is met

    Increased regulation encompasses many additional challenges that can be overwhelming without an effective system in place. Skytrust ensures your compliance is being met without the burden of clunky systems and signing up to multiple platforms.

  • Get rid of the endless paperwork

    It's 2020, paper work and the accompanied 3-ringed folder is a thing of the past. Cloud-based reporting is here to stay.

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