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The Skytrust Team bridged the gap between legislation and practicality and prompted us to update our whole OH&S documentation as well as having Skytrust as our one spot for all our document reporting.

Phillip Mauviel

Issues Faced

We were still using pen & paper to manage safety and compliance. The biggest issue in our business was that our safety practices were sound however the documentation of the activities we were engaging in was very poor and that’s where we acknowledged we were going to come unstuck in the event of an incident. We had no availability of documented processes available to us to demonstrate the activities we were engaging in and that was our biggest weakness. When we were looking at onboarding Spotless, they gave us a fairly comprehensive checklist. We went through it and essentially it confirmed what we already knew, that we had everything on the list but we didn’t have a suitable system to organise our reporting. Introducing Skytrust allowed us to put everything in the one place and eliminate our bookcase of dusty folders.

With Skytrust, we were able to take a helicopter view of where our current system sat and then brought our OH&S system in line with the current standards. It allowed us to update the MSDS and understand very quickly, where our training was at and then fill those identified gaps.

How Skytrust Helped

Skytrust WHS hazards & OHS management system allowed us to put everything into the one place and then demonstrate efficiently to anybody – ‘here’s everything’. Secondly, it allowed us to identify where things probably weren’t so squeaky clean in the business for example, we discovered when we entered all our data into Skytrust that a number of our MSDS were outdated.

Skytrust has been a useful tool for keeping track of everyone’s training and tickets, while being able to very quickly ascertain where the gaps were and address those issues. It took us about a week and a half to get all the documents in and to update our internal documents.

We put up a tender with Spotless and they had an extensive checklist we were unable to fully meet. We decided then to introduce Skytrust and get the system up and running with our documents in order for us to have a quality safety management system in place moving forward. Skytrust enabled us to then become a pre-qualified contractor with Spotless.

One of our biggest assets we had from Skytrust was Lucy, she’s great as she has worked for the regulator and understands the obscure connection between the legislation and practicality. She has been able to create a link for us to see how Skytrust can build that bridge and having that connectivity is brilliant. What we have now in Skytrust is certainly in a useable format and we tick our minimum requirements compared to when we started. It also forced us to update our whole OH&S documentation; as Lucy pointed out we were still referencing to our old legislation so, that’s another added value – that’s all updated now. These were tasks that were not part of the plan when introducing Skytrust, they were just things that we realised very quickly once we began using the platform which, has been very positive for us.

What I have liked best about Skytrust is the ability to build checklists. Trying to get glaziers to complete a paper-based vehicle inspection form was impossible. We’ve built the inspection checklist, and showed them all how to do it and they’re loving it. It’s created efficiencies for us in basically everything we do.

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