Henschke Wines

The system provides me with peace of mind as I know that I can capture and retrieve information quickly in order to comply with the reporting requirements if an incident were to occur.

Tim Hackett

Issues Faced

We used a paper-based system for many years prior to Skytrust. Spreadsheets were used which had limited functionalities compared to a software solution like Skytrust. All maintenance records, procedures were however located on an internal server but we wanted to transition into the current age and were after a centralised system. Our system was inefficient for retrieving paper documents and if there was something we were unsure about the individual who wrote the records needed to be spoken to.

I know exactly where the information I need is as it’s all in the one spot.

How Skytrust Helped

At first, moving from a paper-based system that some workers had been accustomed to for years to a software solution found to be quite daunting for some employees. I introduced an iPad to a specific department that was hesitant to transition to Skytrust and demonstrated first-hand the user-friendly functionalities of the system. This department now enters all their reporting themselves into Skytrust and I am constantly reminded of the simplicity and intuitiveness of the system.

By introducing Skytrust, it has allowed for a complete and transparent overview of Henschke’s operations. We’re notified in real-time when incidents come through from different vineyards and this is extremely important for us as we have several vineyards including Hill of Grace, Mount Edelstone, Eden Valley and Lenswood.

Skytrust has allowed me to keep up to date with P&E and training requirements as I will receive email notifications when there are upcoming expirations.

Because we’re personally responsible for the maintenance aspect of Henschke’s plant and equipment as well as training requirements, Skytrust’s dashboard has helped us by providing an overview to see what’s upcoming or overdue for maintenance, testing & tagging, calibration and employee training.

The ability to add multiple types of maintenance requirements for one piece of plant has been extremely practical.

For example, our wine presses may require maintenance each year before vintage and every second year a more in-depth maintenance. We can enter this information separately together which includes the requirements of regular pressure vessel inspections as well as registration.

One area where Skytrust has been extremely useful is gaining ISO accreditation. We had ISO 9001: Quality management systems previously but it’s been much easier to maintain that information due to Skytrust. We used the same processes to gain certification for ISO 14001 Environmental management system with ease and currently undergoing the process for ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems. Skytrust has made the process extremely easier for us, as the information is already in place and it’s just the background tasks we have to do on our half.

Skytrust is a cross-platform system, I don’t think there’s any industry that wouldn’t benefit from using Skytrust.

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