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Skytrust has allowed for a more proactive approach in terms of managing our paperwork and admin. We can now establish a better picture of the risk in our business and it gives each individual branch, ownership of their safety instead of us running the safety side of the documentation and admin. Come external audit time, Skytrust has been brilliant for us; the auditors have been impressed by the capabilities of the system.

Joanne & Jeff Graham

Issues Faced

We had a simple IMS database which could only log incidents. Annoyingly, the fields were character limited plus, we couldn’t pull together any reports and had to maintain spreadsheets as well. All our documents were held on a share drive, there was no database or anything similar and everything else was paper-based. Majority of the reporting wasn’t being done due to these complex processes and there was no transparency, where senior managers were unaware of events unless it was being reported to them on a monthly basis. Then we decided to switch to Skytrust’s risk management in manufacturing industries software.

I’ve never used a system that’s a one-stop-shop and to be honest, I would recommend any business to look at implementing Skytrust to manage their safety & compliance. It makes everything so much easier. Having a platform that’s user-friendly and allocating time to configure it and set it up properly is the real key to experiencing the benefits of Skytrust.


How Skytrust Helped

We wanted a system where we could record incidents and it would be transparent. We wanted quality control over our documents and didn’t want to have multiple systems. We were looking for one system which was a one-stop shop and wanted software that was operationally friendly. Along with the admin staff, some of the team leaders and supervisors have actually enjoyed working within the Skytrust safety measures in manufacturing industry platform. They have reported that it’s so much easier for them come reporting time. It means less phone calls and less paperwork. We now have transparency because anyone from head office can log in at any time to see what’s going on across the branches. TMHA has approximately 700 users across Australia (16 branches) on Skytrust, using the system on a weekly basis.

No one’s scrambling around, there is no duplication of documents which is evident in paper-based systems where it’s really difficult to extract the right data. In order to get transparency now, it’s simply by the press of a button on Skytrust to product reports.

Jeff Graham

All of our Branches Managers have gone to considerable effort to get their employees trained up on cloud based health and safety software Skytrust. There was a fair bit of training required, which was a one-off cost to the business but the great result we have gained from it in terms of efficiency around reporting time; it speaks for itself.

Skytrust has allowed us to split the potential for injury to actual injury and paints a better picture of our risk.

Jeff Graham

Initially, we were able to ascertain the amount of hand and eye injuries that were occurring in the first year of introducing Skytrust. It became obvious we had a huge problem because we hadn’t analysed any trends, simply because the data wasn’t there. As we had frequent manual handling injuries, we created a steering committee group to focus on these injuries. We are now monitoring our Incident to Injury ratio and Frequency rates through Skytrust which, has allowed us to gain a better insight into our total risk.

The functionalities of Skytrust has been a game changer for our document reporting and ensuring we are up to date with our safety.


We were keeping track of our processes using reminders in diaries but now, most of the staff upload their photos and documents through the Plant & Equipment register so for this reason, it’s probably one of the most favoured modules on the Skytrust system.

We have been doing workplace inspections, pallet racking, 5 SF’s and are now using evaluations for internal WHS hazards as well as safety conversations and feedback, so it is now starting to be used for measuring quality and non-compliance for our business.

As our branches are spread out across Australia, we have technicians that go to customer sites. If they need procedures or SOP’s they can just log in and access that procedure.

To be able to view records immediately on who’s been training in what is brilliant.


With Skytrust workplace health and safety software, we can now see what an employee has been trained in and in which area. We have all their history on the one page and they can log which committee they’re a part of and see the notes joined to it. Training records and adding and viewing hazards has been a game changer for all the branches. The HR module is another module that has also assisted the branches.

At first, it was slightly scary, as it’s change but, I was given the freedom in the sense that I could take as long as I needed to configure the platform and get the roll out successfully. We showed the branches why we’re doing it and what benefits it was going to bring to them especially with regards to safety measures in manufacturing industry. We took that process slowly and there hasn’t been one employee that doesn’t like or has refused to use Skytrust OHS management system; everyone’s on board.

The support and training process has been transparent and straight forward.


Everything that we asked for in regards to technical support was delivered and I’ve never been disappointed with the service provided by the Skytrust team. I was on the phone to Skytrust’s Support Team at least twice a day during the roll out period and they were brilliant.

If a new boss comes in and wants to know a million things all at once, we can pull up or export the relevant documents. This has been a fantastic help for me.

Jeff Graham

Join Toyota Material Handling, Bridgestone & United Petroleum in using Skytrust to manage and simplify all their safety and compliance requirements. 

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