You weren’t born to do paperwork. Less focus on the boring stuff, more focus on delivering exceptional goods to your customers. 

Skytrust provides you with the tools to report hazards & incidents instantly, ensure plant & equipment is up to standard and operative, conduct regular inspections, highlight trends and implement corrective actions all within the one platform. Skytrust allows for automation within the back-end and administration tasks so the focus can be diverted to improving your craft and ensuring compliance requirements are met with ease.  

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Making data-driven decisions to empower your workplace with Skytrust

From operating heavy machinery, high-pressure equipment, conveyor belts, the potential for entrapment hazards and crushes, the list goes on for the hazards that are present within a production line. Without a suitable safety system in place, it becomes impossible to manage these risks, makes it significantly difficult to achieve certification and productivity is reduced due to inefficient processes that are unmonitored. Instead of taking a proactive approach, you find that your team is constantly reacting to issues and there seems to be no end in sight.

With Skytrust, you can take a breath again. Increased visibility results in accountability for workers, important tasks can be escalated to be completed and a streamlined way of reporting saves time and money. Act faster and efficiently with an affordable approach to managing safety, quality, risk and compliance.

See how Pirate Life Brewing has removed the need for an extra employee thanks to Skytrust


  • Take action faster

    Be notified instantly so you can take immediate action as Hazards & Incidents arise with your whole team.

  • Increased visibility

    As Lewis of Pirate Life said, "You can't improve what you can't see". Increased reporting results in increased visibility operations for your team."

  • Identify trends before an Incident occurs

    Instantly reporting data means trends are formed constantly.

  • Get rid of the endless paperwork

    It's 2020, paper work and the accompanied 3-ringed folder is a thing of the past. Cloud-based reporting is here to stay.

  • Gain certification with ease

    Having the proper functional system in place is necessary to meet the requirements of ISO standards.

  • Focus on your craft

    Less time on the back-end and administration, more time spent on innovation and improvement.

  • Empower your workforce

    Maintain tracking of mandatory staff training and comprehensive HR profiles including any incident involvements, personal documents and essential health information.

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