Health and Safety Software System

Our Workplace Health & Safety Software System Includes Multiple Modules To Ensure Safety

Implementing a cloud based Health and Safety software system for your business is key to protecting your employees and maintaining the sustainability of your business.

A filing cabinet full of outdated policies, procedures, and risk assessment documents just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You need to have proper, reliable cloud based health and safety software that anyone can have access to at any time to improve the compliance of your business.

Current Government Work Health and Safety compliance standards

The term Work Health and Safety is slowly replacing Occupational Health and Safety in Australia and New Zealand, in terms of the legislation and the regulations in place to protect workers.

This is because, in 2012, The Australian Government introduced new legislation harmonious to all States and Territories called the Work and Health Safety Act, 2011.

Internationally, the term Occupational Health and Safety is still more commonly used than Work Health and Safety, but it’s important to remember that they refer to the same matter and can be used interchangeably in most settings.

Discover Some of Our Safety Software Modules

Our Workplace Health and Safety software packages provide you with in-depth and intuitive features so that you can report, update, and maintain records whenever you need to.

Incident reporting

When an accident occurs in the workplace, you can keep a record of injuries through our incident reporting module.

Skytrust workplace health and safety software offer tailored reporting features via the real-time dashboard or through the reporting module so that you can always be on top of what is happening in your business and manage your performance to ensure compliance is being met.

You can also decrease the chance of any injuries occurring when you identify your risks and put appropriate systems in place to mitigate them. You can also manage your risks through our risk register.

Capture all your corporate risks through Skytrust’s cloud based health and safety software, making it a one-stop register for your business: If injuries do arise, no matter how critical or how trivial they may be, you can keep a record of them.

Our software helps you to record incidents and risk information, including:

    • The employees, contractors, or members of the public involved
  • The location of the injury
  • The time the injury happened
  • The location on the body where the injury occurred

With this information, you can investigate the cause of the incident and put preventatives in place so that similar injuries don’t reoccur.

Our software also helps you identify trends through comprehensive reporting so that you can hone in on more specific details to assist you in managing risks.

Plant and equipment register

Businesses can maintain a register of all their plant and equipment through Skytrust.

Information required under safety regulations can be captured and employers can be notified when testing, tagging, calibrations, maintenance, and services are due.

The plant and equipment module also captures the sequential and allocation tracking of any plant.

A dedicated QR code is created for each item of plant which enables you to scan the QR code and obtain relevant information on it. You can also carry out inspections on the plant from this QR code.

Managing Risk with Safety Software

Skytrust’s risk management safety software in Australia provides you with the option of identifying, assessing, controlling, reviewing, and updating risks over time.

Once you identify risks, Skytrust lays out the information into an easy to understand register with all the relevant data, so that all relevant managers in your business can access it as needed.

The software also collates a list of the different risks previously identified, so historial risks can be accessed and updated as required.

See how to minimise risks and what factors contribute the greatest to them. Continue to add and report risks that change over time, as well as check back to see if any risks have increased or decreased, depending on external and internal factors.

Audits and inspections

Skytrust has you covered when conducting safety audits and inspections at your workplace.

Skytrust has its own auditing software in which it enables you to self-audit your management systems related to your business and industry.

Once you record information, the auditing system gives you an audit report, which includes an audit score, a possible score, an achieved score, and the shortfall between the latter two.

If you are applying to be triple certified or applying for recertification, our cloud based Health and Safety software can make the process simple and also provides the auditor with access to the system, minimising the need for any printing of paperwork.

With Skytrust health and safety software packages, you can create inspections where previously any paper checklist has been used. You can create inspections for sites, vehicle pre-starts, Chain of Responsibility, and many more.

Inspections can also be carried out via the Skytrust App offline, so if you lose connectivity, you can still conduct inspections.

Industries That Rely On Skytrust’s Workplace Health And Safety Software Australia

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing factories and warehouses have plant and equipment that requires appropriate guarding and the implementation of safe systems to ensure the safety of all employees whilst operating the equipment.

    With Skytrust health and safety software packages, you can be notified of when equipment needs to be serviced, when incidents occur, and when you’re due for a safety inspection.

    We’ve worked with 18 of Toyota’s manufacturing branches in Australia. Read their success story and discover how Skytrust has helped!

  • Construction

    Construction sites are high risk due to the nature of the work and the interaction between workers with plant and equipment.

    Our OHS Safety software assists the construction industry in ensuring that construction hazards and risks are identified and assessed, and that appropriate controls are implemented to comply with regulatory requirements to keep employees safe while at work.

    Multiple construction companies across Australia benefit from our intelligence system, including PMB Defence, Mossop and McMahons Group.

  • Local Government

    Local Government also need the right intelligence software because they need to manage their safety just like the industries above.

    Our contractor management module enables businesses to manage compliance for their contractors and volunteers.

    Our software supports Local Governments across South Australia, Queensland, and Western Australia.

  • Food and beverage

    Monitoring good food safety practices is crucial when you’re dealing with food and drink manufacturing.

    Product quality is very important and that’s why Skytrust workplace health and safety software provides businesses with the opportunity to record all non-conformances associated with a product and can put measures in place to correct them.

    What better way to have all your incident reporting, risk management, and safety management in one place than with efficient safety software.

    We support a range of food and beverage companies including Cascade Brewing, Bickfords, and Moo Premium Foods.

  • Aged and community services

    Our system enables incident reporting for aged and community services, for employees, volunteers, contractors, and residents.

    Skytrust has a sign in/sign out register available in which every guest has to sign in and out to enter the facility.

    This gives you exact times and dates people were in your facility which helps you when conflicts arise.

    You can also keep staff up to date with company policies, provide inductions via emails, and manage staff training needs.

  • Transport and logistics

    Adequate Health and Safety management systems are needed in the transport and logistics industry when transporting and storing products, chemicals, and dangerous goods.

    Every step of the supply chain needs to be safely managed and all parties must be accountable in the supply chain. Skytrust workplace health and safety software ensures that management and accountability are appropriately managed at all times.

    Skytrust’s transparent, open-source software means you can update and report anything at any time in the transport and logistics sector.

Why Skytrust?

Skytrust is reliable, transparent, efficient, and up-to-date, with the most advanced cloud based Health and Safety software.

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  • Deployment

    The dedicated and professional Skytrust team assists you in setting up your workplace Health and Safety software which is available to access from MACs, PCs, tablets, phones, and laptops.

    We help you transition from your old system to Skytrust, ensuring you don’t have to worry about losing critical data or information.

  • Training

    We train any system administrators so that employees can navigate the system properly and have maximum use from our Health and Safety software.

    This training process is crucial so that you know exactly how to set it up and benefit the most from the software.

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