OHS Management System

Skytrust easy OHS Audit Software helps you Manage your Workplace Health & Safety Requirements

Occupational Health and Safety – also known as Work Health and Safety or OH&S – is crucial to the wellbeing of your employees, as well as the sustainability of your business.

Whether you have an OHS manager working for you or not, an OHS Safety Management System will assist your business in managing risks and also ensures compliance is being met consistently.

If a safety inspector attends your workplace or a site you’re working on, you will promptly be able to provide evidence of the OHS systems you have in place to minimise being issued with any statutory notices.

Skytrust offers you a holistic approach to OHS through auditing software, risk management, asset registers, incident reporting, and online inductions.

Skytrust also aligns to an AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 standard, making certification easy to achieve.

Common OHS Safety Hazards

There are many hazards present across a range of industries and workplaces that should be recorded, reported, managed, and risk assessed through a dedicated safety management system.

Most OHS hazards come under one of these categories:

Chemical hazards

Exposure to hazardous substances can cause various degrees and types of harm.

There are different types of chemical properties that substances can have, including:

    • Being flammable, oxidising, or corrosive
  • Having explosive potential
  • Being a gas under pressure
  • Creating long-term health effects
  • Being toxic or a danger to the environment

OHS Audit

Skytrust OHS Audit enables you to undertake a self-audit of your management systems against the ISO Standards. The audit tools enable you to establish your level of compliance and gather evidence of how exactly you are complying with the ISO standards. Where shortfalls are identified, corrective actions can be created to remediate the issues.

Once you complete the audit and gather information, the auditing system collates an OHS Audit report, which includes all your evidence and corrective actions, along with an overall compliance audit score.

If you are applying to be triple certified or applying for recertification, our easy OHS management software can make this process simple and can also provide auditors access to the system, minimising the need to print any paperwork.

Industries That Rely on Skytrust’s OHS Safety Management Software

We have experience working with clients from a diverse range of industries who have all changed the way their business manages risks and incidents through our cloud-based easy OHS software.

We work with some of the following industries:

  • Manufacturing

    We’ve worked with multiple manufacturing companies who trust our easy OHS software to identify and manage their risk and to provide a safe work environment for their employees.

    Manufacturing is susceptible to many hazards and risks, which is why it's crucial to monitor and report them consistently.

    Hartley Glass is a manufacturing company that has benefited from our safety system through the reporting and inspecting of their many processes.

  • Transport and logistics

    OHS safety management in Australia is imperative in the logistics industry. The transport of hazardous substances and dangerous goods all over the country requires very tight legislative compliance.

    The transport industry has many risks as workers operate heavy vehicles, travel long distances, and drive many hours on the road.

    That’s why we strive to keep our OHS software updated with the most relevant regulatory requirements, to ensure our software upholds the safety of transport and logistics operators.

  • Construction

    One-fifth of workplace accidents happen in the construction industry.

    A construction site can be a dangerous place to work due to the accidents associated with high-risk work and interactions between workers and equipment.

    Our OHS Safety management system software assists the construction industry by ensuring that construction hazards and risks are identified and assessed, and that appropriate controls are implemented so you can comply with regulatory requirements to keep employees safe while at work.

  • Local Government

    Local Councils need to use effective OHS management systems to ensure their workers and volunteers are safe at all times, as well as the members of the public who use and attend Council property.

    Local Governments that trust us include 95% of the South Australian Local Councils, as well as various Queensland and Western Australia Councils.

  • Aged and community services

    Aged and community care
    have a range of common hazards and risks, including manual handling, occupational violence, and work-related stress.

    Skytrust assists aged and community services with our OHS safety management software by providing quick and effective reporting of incidents, whether these occur within the facility or at a client's home.

    Managers of the facility can then be notified immediately via email notifications whenever an incident has occurred.

  • Food and beverage

    We’ve worked with businesses that manufacture food and beverages, such as Pirate Life Brewing, a craft beer brewing company that has a distribution centre in Port Adelaide.

    We also have worked alongside Henschke Wines, who have been fermenting wine for more than 150 years from the same winery in Keyneton, South Australia.

Why choose Skytrust’s
OHS Audit Software?

Skytrust Intelligence System uses cloud-based technology to provide universal access anywhere at any time. Our system aligns with the three ISO Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001) to assist you in gaining triple certification.

Our easy OHS software encompasses many different features, all from the one app, so you don’t need more than one platform to ensure that you have complete coverage of Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.

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  • Deployment

    Create a safer and more productive workplace with Skytrust.

    Skytrust’s holistic approach to OHS creates a safe and healthy environment for employees, employers, contractors, and visitors.

    Our deployment process helps you to seamlessly make the transition from your old software.

  • Training

    We train you with our WHS Safety softwareto help you manage risks in your business.

    We train and assist you to help you gain confidence in the safety of your workplace when using the app.

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