Risk Management Software

Skytrust Offers the Most Convenient, Efficient, and Modern Way of Safety Risk Management Process

Our risk management software solutions help you identify and assess risks and hazards as well as control and manage these risks so you don’t put your employees and business at risk.

Skytrust’s safety risk management process system uses cloud-based technology to assist you in determining threats related to safety, quality, and the environment with our easy hazard risk management app.

Skytrust helps you to manage your business by helping you to control risks of work activities and help you to carry out tasks safely.

Common Hazards and Risks

How does Skytrust’s risk management software help reduce the risks of common workplace hazards?

Skytrust’s risk management software can help you avoid common hazards by identifying potential risks and providing recommendations for mitigating them. By understanding the most common risks associated with your business, you can take steps to avoid them. With Skytrust’s risk management module, you can understand and see any hazards and risks before you start a new project or task.

Our hazard risk management software assesses, reviews, and determines how great the risks are at your workplace, how you should go about tasks to impede them, and factors that decrease risks to prevent injuries.

You can perform a safety risk management assessment before you undertake a certain task and put in place the appropriate system, such as JSA or SWMS, to assist employees in understanding what threats are present and what they need to do to make sure that they don’t turn into accidents.

Hazard risk management software can protect you, and your business from liability claims

If you run a construction company, you are aware of the types of high risk activities you undertake and the steps required to protect your workers by implementing policies and procedures to control your hazards.

However, you might not be able to control all your risks and that’s why Skytrust as a risk management software can be helpful.

For example, if a building you’re tearing down is quite old, the safety risk management plan can identify various risks and can ensure that appropriate measures are put in place while undertaking the job.

You can also inform staff of what safety systems and protective gear is required whilst undertaking such work, and you can input this data into the induction software to keep a record of all training.

By identifying risks and providing controls for mitigation, you can help reduce exposure to risks and avoid accidents and injuries. In addition to protecting your workers, risk management software can also help protect your business from liability claims. By identifying potential risks and taking steps to reduce them, you can help avoid costly lawsuits.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your staff is safe and protected from any potential accidents. Skytrust risk management software can help you do just that. With Skytrust, you can create a safe work environment by identifying and assessing risks, and putting in place appropriate risk control measures. What’s more, Skytrust makes it easy to track and review risk management procedures, so you can be sure they’re being followed effectively. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your staff safe and protected, Skytrust hazard risk management software is the perfect solution.

How Does Our Security Risk Management Software Work?

The benefit of using risk assessment software like Skytrust is that our module has a dedicated risk matrix that can be modified to suit your current business.

Once you identify risks, you can enter reports into the software and use this risk matrix to assess the level of the risk and manage it by identifying and monitoring surrounding threats.

Our safety risk management process also has a list of different risks so that anyone can collectively read and go back to them to make changes and updates whenever they need.

See how control measures helps to minimise risks and what factors contribute the greatest to them. Continue to add and alter reports as factors change over time and check back to see if any risks have changed, increased, or decreased depending on other external and internal factors.

Once you’ve assessed the risks and get a report, you can review, control, and monitor them through our hazard risk management app.

Examples of Risk

There are lots of different types of risks depending on your workplace.

We outline three of the main types of risks workplaces come across that often get handled through software like Skytrust.

  • Task risks

    Task and hazard risks are the most common types of risks in a workplace for all kinds of industries and settings.

    These are risks pertaining to injuries via incidents like falling, tripping, slipping, or anything that can cause harm.

  • Environmental risks

    Environmental risks refer to environmental factors that can present a risk that needs to be controlled.

    Therefore, the individual employers have to implement measures to control the hazard risk management themselves using a hierarchy of controls.

  • Chemical

    Chemical risks refer to the potential of exposure to a chemical via various routes, including:
    ✅ Contact with the skin
    ✅ Ingesting fumes
    ✅ Entering your body e.g. through your eyes

    Chemical risks also include the storing, transporting, and handling of chemicals.

Why Skytrust?

ISO integrated safety risk management process and compliance software

Our compliance and safety risk management process and software is a versatile tool that can help your organisation meet its compliance obligations. Our intelligence system uses modern technology, integrating ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 into one accessible, cloud-based risk management software application which makes it easy for you to track, audit and manage compliance risks across your organisation.

Skytrust also provides valuable insights into your hazard risk management and compliance performance, helping you identify areas of improvement. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Skytrust is the ideal compliance and risk management solution for your organisation.

  • Deployment

    Create a safer and more productive workplace with Skytrust.
    If you’re still using a paper based system or an outdated, cumbersome program, we can help you transition to Skytrust’s modern, efficient platform.

    Anytime, anywhere access: Skytrust is accessible from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

  • Training

    As part of our deployment process, Skytrust also provides in-depth training to arm your key team administrators with the know-how and confidence to start embracing our software!

    Discover how our safety risk management process works with thorough training from the Skytrust team.

  • Free Three-Month Trial

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    Have all the risk management software, as well as WHS reporting, WHS incident reporting, Health and Safety measures, and inspection reporting - all in one application.

Management software that keeps your organisation safe and compliant

Skytrust’s compliance and risk management software provide you with the tools you need to keep your workplace safe and compliant. With our integrated risk management and compliance software, you can easily track and manage health and safety hazards, identify potential risks, and create customised safety plans. This gives you complete coverage of health and safety requirements in the workplace to keep you and your staff protected from any incidents.

We also offer a comprehensive safety risk management process reporting system so you can monitor compliance and track progress over time. With Skytrust, you can be confident that your workplace is safe and compliant.

Contact us today to discover how we can improve your workplace with a safety risk management and compliance process so you can be more confident in running your business.

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