About Skytrust

Skytrust is Built on Three Fundamental Principles

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    Have instant access to information and documents. Access Skytrust on any device at any time - you can even use Skytrust without internet connection, which then syncs when you fall back in range.

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    Our system aligns to international standards as we serve organisations globally, so no matter where your company is based, your workplace will meet regulations.

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    Skytrust suits large and small companies alike.

    We work with a range of industries that say Skytrust offers more than they have ever experienced with other WHS software.

The Story Of Skytrust

A message from our Managing Director, Corey Burford

The Skytrust OHS audit , WHS platform & WHS monitor story began while I was employed as a Safety and Quality Manager for the Bianco Group; a building supplier and manufacturer in South Australia. Managing EHS software for manufacturing, hazards, incidents, and risks with Excel Spreadsheets and paper forms became challenging and I recognised the need for a more efficient management process.

It was while I was working at Bianco that I met Jeff Sawade, and with my boss’s support, we developed an intranet system to improve our own compliance workflow.

Following its successful implementation, it became clear that with this easier and more efficient safety and compliance management system, we could achieve a significant reduction in our employer’s premium costs.

Skytrust came from humble beginnings – Jeff’s backyard studio!

Jeff and I worked long hours developing what was then known as the ‘QHSE’ intranet.

We focused on providing the overall construction industry with our helpful system and in 2008, our client Grocon – renowned for building Australia’s tallest buildings – won Safe Work Australia’s ‘Best Workplace Health and Safety Management System’ award – with our system in place!

Through further business growth, we realised our intranet system could be developed further specifically for each industry and each organisation, and in 2010, Skytrust was born.

How Skytrust differs from physical reporting

We created an efficient, compliant management system where individual staff were notified of their specific compliance requirements.

Further to this, we gave managers instant access to data reports; helping them to focus on areas requiring compliance and safety improvements.

A single system that aligns to international standards and uses flexible user groups to allow access for large or small businesses creates a faster and easier system. Greater control is also achieved from receiving instant notifications – after all, prevention is better than a cure when it comes to safety.

We quickly achieved great results with our system, and many companies privileged us with the offer of their investment which allowed us to continue to grow and reach larger industry sectors. This is a true testament to the wonderful team behind Skytrust’s success.

Throughout this growth, we’ve been lucky enough to retain dedicated and high-quality staff.

Skytrust OHS management system is the end result reached through the collaboration of like-minded people improving safety and compliance challenges for all types of industries. For us, it is rewarding to work with almost every imaginable industry in many different countries with each challenge being unique.

We are very proud of our product and are excited to share it with you.

– Corey Burford
Managing Director

Meet The Skytrust Team

  • Corey Burford

    Managing Director

    Corey Burford

    Managing Director

    Founder and creator, Corey developed the company in 2010 from its original as QHSE to today’s Skytrust.

  • Mary Nizamis

    Chief Relations and Governance Officer

    Mary Nizamis

    Chief Relations and Governance Officer

    Before joining the team, Mary has enjoyed over 20 years of experience as a safety professional. As Chief Relations and Governance Officer, Mary brings a wealth of experience to her role having worked in senior roles with the South Australian and Federal WHS Regulators. She has engaged with a diverse range of industries and worked closely with numerous industry associations. Her knack of connecting with people and businesses, has seen Mary dubbed as the “Networking Queen” by her colleagues.

  • Aaron Trott

    Chief Operations Officer

    Aaron Trott

    Chief Operations Officer

    Our Chief Operations Officer, Aaron Trott has been involved in the field of Customer Service for many years predominantly in the retail industry. He manages the Customer Service Team and ensures that our customers’ needs are always met and successfully maintains customer satisfaction with his calm and professional manner. Aaron always offers “service with a ?”. In his spare time, you will find Aaron pumping iron in the gym.

  • Satheesh Kumar

    Chief Technology Officer

    Satheesh Kumar

    Chief Technology Officer

    Satheesh Kumar is Chief Technology Officer at Skytrust. His roles include providing technical direction and leadership for our product development, cloud infrastructure, and mobility as well as ensuring security for Skytrust products.

    Satheesh has nearly 20 years of expertise in software development, including a decade of spearheading technology initiatives as CTO, Co-Founder and Director of several successful organisations. Satheesh has a depth of experience from big brands having various engineering roles at organizations including Fortune500 companies GE and Thomson Reuters, right through to testing .net for Microsoft’s pre release. He is a hardcore technologist, entrepreneur and sometimes philosopher who truly believes in "What you think, you become".

  • Lorri McInnes

    Finance & Payroll Manager

    Lorri McInnes

    Finance & Payroll Manager

    Lorri is our Finance and Payroll Manager. Lorri has been a longstanding employee who has seen the company grow over the years. Lorri plays a key role in the success of our everyday operations – tasked to look after Skytrust’s financial health and making sure reporting and plans are helpful to Management to keep on track with our long-term financial goals.

  • David Miller

    Business Development Manager

    David Miller

    Business Development Manager

    David is our Business Development Manager. He started with Skytrust when it was still in its infancy, many years ago. His exceptional Sales background and experience in a number of industry sectors has complimented Skytrust. Over the years, David’s passion, drive and knowledge of Skytrust has enabled the continuous growth and enhancement of our product. David’s wit and enthusiasm brings a pleasant element to the team and his ability to engage with clients and promote his passion of Skytrust to the clients has seen many companies understand the benefits of what Skytrust has to offer. David is Skytrust’s roving gypsy who will go to extreme lengths to ensure clients are getting the most benefit from Skytrust. In his spare time, you will find David caravanning (glamping).

  • Stuart Batchelor

    Compliance Manager

    Stuart Batchelor

    Compliance Manager

    Stuart joined Skytrust in 2022. He has strong interpersonal, organisational, and team management skills, forged by a career within the Certification and Hospitality Industries for the past 25+ years. As the General Manager of a JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body ensuring the companies accreditation and clients certification was maintained he has the ability to communicate and explain the ISO Standards and processes. Outside of Skytrust, Stuart lives and breathes baseball. If he's not at Skytrust you can find him on a Baseball field fixing the diamond, shaping the mound or cheering his team.

  • Lucy Perpetua

    Customer Success Manager

    Lucy Perpetua

    Customer Success Manager

  • Sandy Voumard

    Customer Engagement

    Sandy Voumard

    Customer Engagement

    Sandy is our Customer Engagement Officer. Sandy has worked in local government for many years as a Safety Practitioner and more recently as a Regional Risk consultant and has over 10 years experience using our Skytrust program. Prior to this Sandy’s worked for the local health services in a wide range of administration, quality and project roles. In her spare time you will find Sandy on the river with her family or riding her horses.

  • Vanessa Merritt

    Customer Service - Team Lead

    Vanessa Merritt

    Customer Service - Team Lead

    Vanessa Merritt is a member of our Customer Services Team where she is responsible for providing customer support to best meet our client’s needs. This includes general Q&A’s, troubleshooting, training and data maintenance tasks with our programming team. In her spare time, you will find Vanessa enjoying the great outdoors and exploring the many hiking trails and beaches around Adelaide with her family.

  • Ben Lodge

    Customer Service Assistant - Team Member

    Ben Lodge

    Customer Service Assistant - Team Member

    Ben is a member of the Customer Service Team. He has a passion for helping our customers with an eager and respectful attitude! His role is to help you get the best out of Skytrust and guide you through any processes within the platform.
    Ben enjoys family life outside of Skytrust.

  • Rachel Stennett

    IT Analyst Engineer

    Rachel Stennett

    IT Analyst Engineer

    As part of our programming team for over 10 years, Rachel is responsible for a diverse set of roles including writing front-end/back-end code for our platform to creating and maintaining databases. In her spare time, you will find Rachel computer gaming, programming on her various side projects and watching her favourite TV shows.

  • Ping Guan

    IT Analyst Engineer

    Ping Guan

    IT Analyst Engineer

    As part of our Development Team for over 10 years, Ping has been an invaluable member of Skytrust, where she brings over 20 years experience in the IT field as a Software Programmer, Software Tester, and Unix System Administrator at Solaris and HP-UX. When Ping is out of the office, you will find her spending time with family.

  • You Hu

    IT Analyst Engineer

    You Hu

    IT Analyst Engineer

    With over 8 years of .NET programming experience in vast fields including software, education and research, banking services and manufacturing; You Hu is an integral member of our programming team.

  • James Bird

    Database Administration

    James Bird

    Database Administration

    James joined the Development Team in 2021, He brings with him a 40 year IT Career included working in many roles such as Senior Software Engineer, Database Administrator, Acting Application Manager, Technical Lead, Senior Analyst Programmer, Systems/Network Support Programmer. James has worked with corporate companies and State Government.
    James enjoys travelling in a campervan around Australia, renovating his home and cruising the seas.

  • Hirushan De Silva

    Senior Software Engineer

    Hirushan De Silva

    Senior Software Engineer

    Hirushan is part of the Development Team and brings the team over 10 years of solid experience in the software industry. His experience ranges from.Net Core, .Net Framework, to Azure AD, DevOps just to name a few. He is a supportive and enthusiastic team player dedicated to streamlining processes and efficiently resolving project issues. When Hirushan is not engineering software, he is enjoying photography, travelling, and taking part in outdoor activities.

  • Tony Mahoney

    IT Analyst

    Tony Mahoney

    IT Analyst

    Tony is an IT professional with over 40 years’ experience in the industry and a proven track record in managing, developing, and delivering technology related projects and services across Federal, State and Local Government as well as the Private sector. His broad range of skills in IT related disciplines include, software development, project management, data management, systems administration, change management, training, and support. Tony has developed and delivered many custom-built software solutions for clients, which have included OHSW and Risk Management systems. With experience in managing and delivering projects and with a strong focus on customer service he provides support to many areas of our business.
    Tony is a keen surfer and when he’s not doing his thing in IT, he out on the surf catching a few waves.

Our Strategic Advisory Board

  • Peter Gregg

    Peter Gregg

  • Jeff Sawade

    Jeff Sawade