Moving From Spreadsheets

It’s A New Era: Don’t Waste Any More Time On Spreadsheets – It’s Time To Make The Switch!

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past – cloud-based reporting is here to stay. Skytrust gives you a birds-eye view of your organisation’s wellbeing without countless hours shifting through spreadsheets.

The Issues With Spreadsheets:

  • Uncentralised

    Managing multiple spreadsheets often means that your data is dispersed in different folders, filing cabinets, and hard drives.

    This can result in double entries, lost data, and wasted time collating critical information.

    Cloud-based WHS software like Skytrust means everything is in one place at all times.

  • Lack of Security

    The last thing you want for your business is to have sensitive information leaked or distributed.

    ✅ Replication of our primary servers exist in Melbourne’s ME3 data centre to Sydney’s SY5 data centre, in Equinix’s ASIO Tier 4 data centre as our disaster recovery preparedness

    ✅ We use Imperva WAF which is regarded as one of the best defence products for bad bots and ensures DDoS protection

    Backups are every 4 hours for 30 days and a monthly copy is retained for 12 months. Let your IT gurus chat with ours!

  • Inefficient processes

    Managing spreadsheets for a whole team can result in time wastage and it's near impossible to track changes and updates.

    This creates more time going back and forwards.

    To make it worse, if the person handling this data at your workplace moves on, you could be prone to all your information being misplaced.

  • Human error

    It has been reported that 90% of all spreadsheets have faults, with a majority of these being from human error.

    Copying, pasting, and rewriting creates room for mistakes - cloud-based systems are automated so there’s no need for rewriting at all.

  • Unable to scale

    As your business grows, the data from spreadsheet-based reporting can result in risks being amplified.

    This is due to not being able to keep up with the amount of data you have.

    Based entirely in the cloud, you’ll never receive warnings that your storage is too full.

  • No automation

    With pen and paper, you are unable to set notifications for when an inspection is due.

    Meaning important tasks are forgotten and become overdue. This makes you prone to liability issues.

    Skytrust notifies you of when inspections and audits are due so you don’t have to worry about compliance constantly.

Still Wasting Countless Hours On Spreadsheets?

With Skytrust, the power of time is back in your hands. Shift your focus back to the meaningful tasks that matter with our cloud-based WHS system.


Why Choose Skytrust?

The one place

Managing your compliance can be a huge struggle when important information is spread across various platforms, emails, documents, and spreadsheets. Skytrust serves as the central repository for all your document reporting and is directly aligned to ISO standards.

Act quickly with your team

Skytrust’s notification system provokes quick and immediate responses when critical events occur in your workplace. Ditch the chain of calls, messages, and emails to notify your team of events, such as whenever an inspection needs to be completed or when retraining is required.

Security is our utmost priority

Organisations using Skytrust include Government departments, Tier 1 contractors, large mining companies, and ASX listed businesses.

This means our security measures are continually being tested and scrutinised to satisfy the utmost needs in terms of security.

We collaborate with ASIO certified data centres, which allow us to keep a total of four sets of your data at any point in time.


It’s Time to Take the First Step

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