Corfad Civil and Construction

Being an online system, it is a lot easier to monitor and disseminate any changes to all workers. We are a very mobile and widespread workforce and having this ease of communication in place is highly important.

Patricia Kavanagh

Issues Faced

Patricia & Corfad were considering 5 management systems before trialling Skytrust construction risk assessment software. The main issue was that other platforms required additional modules and add-ons at a cost while with Skytrust the core features were included. The free 3-month trial was long enough to get Corfad’s data uploaded to realise this was exactly what they needed. With Skytrust, Patricia could see the benefit straight away as they had access to the full platform.

It's extremely cost-effective to have a system where most of the modules are included in the package and you can get started straight away with linking information.


How Skytrust Construction Risk Assessment software Helped

An area of Skytrust risk management software construction that is very beneficial to us and our clients is the Plant & Equipment Register which maintains an easily searchable register of all P&E. We enter all our Calibration and Maintenance Item Requirements (including testing and tagging) and receive automatic email notifications. As QR codes are automatically allocated to our individual plant, it has enabled the maintenance staff to access plant information in the field instantaneously. The Skytrust App gives our workers access to all company specific documents, including policies, procedures, forms, and SWMS.

With becoming Triple Certified in ISO 45001, 9001 and 14001, Skytrust construction ehs software made the whole process and life so much easier because you are not looking or sorting through paperwork. Instead of finding hard copies or looking through people’s folders, it’s just there, all in the system. ARTC (A National Rail Company) came out to audit us on-site and were very impressed by Skytrust and the capabilities of the platform. We use Skytrust quite routinely so everything the auditor needed was there in front of centre.

Corfad Civil ISO

The Inductions are brilliant, and we don’t have to wait for people to come in. I create separate Induction packages for FT workers, Management, Contractors and just email that specific package to them with the click of a button.


The HR section has also been valuable as we can track our training requirements, including any mandatory updating requirements with automatic email notifications. Our Inductions are created in-house and are tailored to suit our specific projects, these are sent electronically, and we can monitor the workers scores and issue a certificate on completion.

Having such a high-quality WHSMS in place minimises the risk of downtime through accidents and provides possible cost-saving through public liability insurance premiums.


Skytrust has also allowed us to easily run reports on any indicators, both lead and lag as they are readily available on the dashboard. This has allowed for a discussion during our Team Meetings and in a formal manner during our Management Review Meetings. Identifying hazards and controlling risks at the earliest stage can help in reducing business cost by preventing safety issues.

Without Skytrust construction risk assessment software we would be running several different systems to maintain all our necessary documentation and records. Tracking of training and inductions would be very time consuming and not reliable. Resourcing to maintain compliance and the room for error would increase.

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