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Skytrust Provides a Variety of Solutions for Your Workplace Worries Related to Health, Safety, Compliance, And Legitimacy

  • OHS Management Solutions

    Skytrust offers several registers, including for plant and equipment, chemicals, risks, assets, and any other resources you may have.
    This gives you confidence in knowing your assets are safe and are being monitored consistently.
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  • WHS Management Solutions

    Make your workplace safe by analysing trends and by honing in on historical or recent incidents and accidents. Data collection and incident management software solutions mean you can reduce injuries and keep your staff safe at all times.
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  • Health And Safety Solutions

    Be notified of any audits or inspections that are due to take place.
    Skytrust provides you and your staff with online training, which is also customisable for different employees and contractors.
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  • Risk Management Software Solutions

    Risks, hazards, and threats can be assessed, managed, and avoided when you use Skytrust’s risk management module.

    Our control risk online solutions means you can update and change factors to see how risks change over time.
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Skytrust’s EHS Software Solution Supports You and Your Team in a Variety of Ways

Skytrust has a history of helping workplaces uphold safety, as well as assisting organisations in keeping up to date with training, certification, plant and equipment requirements, and documentation.

In order to remain safe and be compliant, workers need to report incidents, hazards, and risks at a workplace. This includes at temporary sites you’re working on and in offices or warehouses.

When you use any Skytrust’s OHS software registers, you can easily track where everything is and the condition they’re currently in at any given time. This can happen in some modules via a QR code that you can print off and provide access to for any employee.

You can then subsequently scan the QR code at any time to get instant information, such as general details of equipment, registrations, links to inspections, and any risk assessments.

Instant management solutions mean you get notified on the dashboard as well as via an email to make sure you are aware of when things are overdue or expired.

Skytrust’s OHS audit & workplace compliance solutions means that you are able to manage your safety and environmental legislative requirements as well as comply with ISO Standards.

Skytrust’s OHS safety management & logistics safety solutions means that transport and logistics can take place when you’re packing and transporting, and you can be confident that the driver and goods will be transported safely and efficiently.

Skytrust Offers You A Free 3-Month Trial

What are you waiting for? Join the 140,000+ global users already unleashing the power of Skytrust

Skytrust offers a free 3-month trial on its health and safety software packages so that you and your team can see for yourself just how helpful Skytrust workplace health and safety software can be for your organisation.

Not only that, but we induct you and your team into our software and help you switch over from whatever your old health management solution was so that you don’t have to worry about tedious transitional processes and data being lost.