EHS Software for Manufacturing

Occupational Health and Safety in Manufacturing Industries

Safety measures and risk management in manufacturing industries are easier to monitor thanks to cloud-based software

Skytrust has worked with multiple manufacturing companies that produce a wide range of materials, products, food, and drink.

Our risk management in manufacturing industries safety software can identify and manage risks and provide a safe work environment for you, your employees, delivery drivers, and any clients and visitors you may have.

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EHS Software for Manufacturing

Skytrust’s Software for Manufacturing Ensures You Deliver Quality Safety & Risk Management in Manufacturing Industries

Less focus on back-end systems means more focus on delivering exceptional products to your customers with Skytrust safety measures in manufacturing industry

Manufacturing has many hazards and risks which is why it’s crucial to monitor and report them consistently.

Occupational Health and Safety in manufacturing industries requires quick, efficient access to documentation and policies.

Skytrust risk management in manufacturing industries software offers complete automation within the back-end with administration tasks, so that focus can be diverted to improving your craft and ensuring compliance requirements are always being met.

  • Act Fast - Risk Management in Manufacturing Industries

    Take Action Faster

    Be notified instantly so you can take immediate action as hazards and incidents arise within your whole team with Skytrust safety measures in manufacturing industry.

  • Increase Visibility with EHS Software for Manufacturing

    Increased Visibility

    You can't improve what you can't see.

    Increased reporting results in increased visibility operations for your team.

  • Risk Management in Manufacturing Industries

    Identify Trends Before an Incident Occurs

    Skytrust safety measures in manufacturing industry helps with instantly reporting data. This means trends are formed constantly.

  • No More paper work with EHS Software for Manufacturing

    Get Rid of Endless Paperwork

    Paperwork and the accompanied 3-ringed folder is a thing of the past. Cloud-based risk management in manufacturing industries and process reporting is here to stay.

  • ISO Certification for Occupational health and safety in manufacturing industries

    Gain Certification With Ease

    Having the proper functional system in place is necessary to meet the requirements of ISO standards. Achieve excellence in safety measures in manufacturing industry with Skytrust.

  • Factory Inspection Checklist - Focus on your Craft

    Focus On Your Craft

    Less time on the back-end and administration means more time spent on innovation and improvement.

  • Empower Your Workforce

    Track mandatory staff training and comprehensive HR profiles.
    This includes any incident involvements, personal documents, and essential health information.

  • EHS Software for Manufacturing - Certification

    Monitor Certification

    Be notified of when employees and subcontractors training or certification ís due to expire, and organise to get them renewed.

Skytrust Supports Major Manufacturing Brands

Skytrust has changed the way many manufacturing companies operate as well as the service companies that maintain manufactured products like oil companies and repair services.

With Skytrust, safety and compliance are at the forefront of your workplace. Have peace of mind with fewer spreadsheets, less paperwork, and no more headaches when handling risk management in manufacturing industries.

Our system can provide production managers, WHS managers, and any other management staff full visibility into all your operations through proactive management.

We outline a few of the manufacturing companies that have benefited from Skytrust’s manufacturing process management software.

Toyota Material Handling Australia

We’ve worked with 18 of Toyota’s manufacturing branches in Australia.

According to Jeff Graham, Toyota’s National Safety Culture Manager, before Toyota moved to Skytrust, Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) was using a database for logging incidents and a physical hard drive or pen and paper for everything else.

TMHA really struggled as their preceding database had a character limit and nothing was shared online. Because of this tedious process and lack of transparency, staff didn’t bother to report incidents, carry out risk assessments, or register plant and equipment. It just took too much effort.

Toyota now has 700 Australian employees using our Skytrust safety measures in manufacturing industry system.

I’ve never used a system that’s a one-stop-shop and to be honest, I would recommend any business to look at implementing Skytrust to manage their safety & compliance. It makes everything so much easier.

Having a platform that’s user-friendly and by allocating time to configure it and set it up properly is the real key to experiencing the benefits of Skytrust.

Joanne, Service Controller at TMHA

Hartley Glass

Hartley Glass is a 50-year-old, family-owned manufacturing company in Wingfield, Adelaide.

Before using Skytrst’s EHS software for manufacturing, Hartley Glass faced constant anxiety from the anticipation of accidents.

This was not only because of the likelihood of accidents occurring in the manufacturing industry, but also because they knew they didn’t have a streamlined, accessible, incident reporting system in place to do anything if accidents did occur.

When this type of work enviroment exists, accidents can continue to arise as incidents and hazards aren’t properly assessed and reported.

Luckily, Hartley Glass have found clarity and safety in Skytrust, through risk and hazard reporting, as well as through incident reporting and our factory inspection checklists.

What I have liked best about Skytrust is the ability to build checklists. Trying to get glaziers to complete a paper-based vehicle inspection form was impossible. We’ve built the inspection checklist, and showed them all how to do it and they’re loving it. It’s created efficiencies for us in basically everything we do.

Phillip Mauviel, General Manager at Hartley Glass

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Skytrust offers all our modules in our up-front application, including auditing processes, documentation filing, and photo uploads of risks, hazards, and incidents for anyone to have direct access to.

We offer a FREE three-month trial for anyone interested in knowing how Skytrust can benefit their business.

Contact us today and we can start implementing our safety software through an easy transitional process that gives you full access so you can truly see the benefits for yourself.

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