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Skytrust’s WHS in Australia has multiple module outlets to help you navigate what needs to be done in the quickest time. Our real-time WHS platform dashboard provides you with instant oversight of how you are managing safety in your business overall.

Current WHS Australian Government Compliance Standards

The term Work Health and Safety is slowly replacing Occupational Health and Safety in Australia and New Zealand, in terms of the legislation and the regulations in place to protect workers.

This is because, in 2012, The Australian Government introduced new legislation harmonious to all States and Territories called the Work and Health Safety Act, 2011.

Internationally, the term Occupational Health and Safety is still more commonly used than Work Health and Safety, but it’s important to remember that they refer to the same matter and can be used interchangeably in most settings.

Common WHS Hazards

WHS hazards reporting, incident reporting, and risk management are important in maintaining a healthy and safe work environment.

To manage these properly, you need to be cautious and aware of the different types of hazards in the workplace.

1. Chemical hazards

There are different types of chemical hazards in workplaces that can result in various injuries or health defects.

Sometimes injuries occur from being exposed to toxic fumes or dangerous chemicals.

Whether it is a near miss or an injury, all incidents need to be recorded. Our Skytrust App enables employees to report incidents – even when there is no internet connection – in real-time.

2. Physical hazards

Physical hazards are environmental factors that can harm an employee, including heights, noise, radiation, pressure, confined spaces, and extreme temperatures which are common reasons to use EHS software for manufacturing like Skytrust.

Ergonomic hazards

An ergonomic hazard is a type of physical hazard that may result in musculoskeletal injuries. These hazards can be found in every industry and, if not managed correctly, can have significant long and short term impacts on your employees’ health and wellbeing.

An example of an ergonomic hazard is your posture when using your computer every day. These effects over time can cause long-term damage and pain, or conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Psychological hazards

Psychological hazards are hazards that can have an adverse effect on an employee’s mental health and wellbeing.

These include working long hours with a heavy workload, bullying and harassment, workplace aggression, or abuse.

Psychological reporting

You can report incidents like bullying and harassment through Skytrust. Confidentiality on our platform is a high priority, which is why we can enable limited access to incidents like these to dedicated personnel.

Psychological incidents can exist in many forms. Skytrust WHS monitor systems enable you to manage these threats through a dedicated risk register which then helps you to establish and implement controls to prevent these risks from reoccurring.

Industries That Rely on Skytrust’s WHS Hazard Monitoring Systems

We have experience working with clients from diverse industries who have all changed the way their business runs and works through our cloud-based OHS management system & WHS hazards monitoring software.

We work with some of the following industries:

  • Aged and community services

    Our WHS monitor system enables incident reporting for aged and community services, for employees, volunteers, contractors, and also residents.

    Managers can maintain a matrix of what training has been completed and competencies required to undertake certain jobs.

    Our WHS monitoring & inspection module provides you with the ability to carry out inspections for site safety, food safety, and manual handling of equipment.

    The Skytrust App allows employees to complete an inspection on a mobile device, eliminating the need for paperwork.

  • Construction

    Construction sites are high risk due to the nature of the work and the interaction between workers with plant and equipment.

    That’s why you need the most robust and comprehensive WHS software in Australia in order to maintain a safe working environment.

    With an intelligence system in place, you can register plant and equipment, and get notified of when employees and subcontractors training or certification ís due to expire.

    You can also develop your SWMS templates well before you start construction on a site and implement them as required during the various construction stages.

  • Food and beverage

    Monitoring food safety practices is crucial when you’re dealing with food and drink manufacturing.

    Product quality is highly important and Skytrust provides businesses with the opportunity to record all non-conformances associated with a product and can put measures in place to correct them.

    What better way to manage the quality of your product with online safety software.

    We’ve worked with food and beverage companies, such as Spring Gully, Bickfords, Driscoll’s Berries, and 4 Pines Brewery.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing factories and warehouses require access to documentation and policies.

    WHS software, you can get notified of when plant and equipment need to be serviced as well as the ability to report incidents.

    We’ve worked with 18 of Toyota’s manufacturing warehouses. Read their success story thanks to Skytrust’s Intelligence Software.

  • Transport and logistics

    Adequate management systems are needed in transport and logistics when transporting products, chemicals, and dangerous goods.

    Every step of the supply chain needs to be safely managed and all parties must be accountable across the supply chain.

    Skytrust’s transparent, open-source software means you can update and report anything at any time during transportation processes.

  • Local Government

    Councils and Local Governments need the right WHS software systems in place because they often carry out some of the same work as a lot of the above industries.

    We’ve deployed our software in 95% of Local Governments in South Australia, as well as interstate Local Governments in Queensland and Western Australia.

Why Skytrust?

Skytrust Intelligence System OHS audit uses cloud-based technology to give you complete coverage of health and safety requirements in the workplace.

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