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Hazard and Incident Reporting

Monitoring hazards in the workplace creates complete oversight and full transparency of events that have or could occur.

Use our customisable software hazard analysis matrix to be informed of initial risks, and identify residual risks once actions are completed.

  • Skytrust WHS monitor & OHS audit contains real-time hazard and incident reporting for your business
  • Reporting is accessible on any device such as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Conduct investigations into specific incidents in our safety management software‘s dedicated investigation module
  • Raise actions to the relevant person for immediate action
  • Classify injuries by type and attach documents and photos for a comprehensive report
Smart phone in foreground displaying Skytrust's Hazard Report System with desktop browser displaying a Hazard Report


Streamline safety audits and inspections via an efficient end-to-end process.

  • Create and schedule customisable OHS audit inspections when they are required.
  • Calculate your relevant compliance levels instantly by referencing standards, codes of practice, and legislation
  • Use the Skytrust WHS monitor app to carry out inspections in places with no internet connection, which then sync as soon as you’re back in range
Smart phone displaying a Skytrust Facility Checklist example

Action Management

Managing your actions is easy with Skytrust.

Pie-chart in foreground with desktop browser displaying Action reports

Risk Management

Manage your organisation’s potential risks with the best risk analysis software there is.

  • Carry out risk management for assets, plant, equipment and any 
  • Complete your Safe Work Method Statements, task risk assessments, and plant risk assessments with Skytrust’s hazard risk management software
  • Document risks by their classification, such as WHS, quality, financial, or environmental
  • Use suitable OHS audit terminology and labels to suit your specific risk matrix
  • Your gathered information feeds directly into Skytrust’s risk management software iOS and Android apps so you can access your information no matter which platform you’re working from
Health and Safety Software Risk Management

Plant and Equipment Registry

Skytrust has an easily searchable register for all your plant and equipment

  • Store your calibration and maintenance requirements, including testing and tagging, to ensure you never fall behind with Skytrust, the #1 app for safety measures in manufacturing industry
  • Receive automatic email notifications for upcoming maintenance requirements
  • Search and filter by department, location, keyword, and status
  • Allocate equipment to employees for them to track and monitor
  • Access plant information via the Skytrust WHS monitor‘s generated QR codes for individual P&E items, which you can then scan to attain data instantly, such as Safe Work Method Statements and linked inspections
WHS Software Australia


Skytrust’s Health and Safety software streamlines your induction process

  • Create customisable job inductions based on corporate requirements and allocate the OHS audit to the appropriate person to the job description with our easy ohs software.
  • Import SCORM content, create your own questions, and embed document files and HTML links with our induction module.

Contractor Management

Manage contractors on the move without worrying if they’re qualified by viewing their documentation instantaneously.

Government Risk and Compliance Measure

Human Resources

Skytrust keeps track of your staff and contractors, so you don’t have to!

  • Keep cloud-based HR profiles for each employee, including their job titles, training, any incidents they’ve experienced, as well as personal documents and health information
  • Track your organisation’s training requirements, including any mandatory updating with automatic email notifications and real-time monitoring via the Skytrust safety management system software dashboard

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One Centralised Platform

Currently juggling between multiple platforms? With Skytrust, you only need one

Save cost, time, and improve operational outcomes with Skytrust risk management software solutions.

  • Quality

    Skytrust is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to improve your workplace with non-conformance reporting and a quality risk register.

  • Safety

    Skytrust allows for incident reporting, hazard reporting, safety data sheets, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) to keep you and your workers safe and compliant.

  • Environment

    Skytrust gives you an environmental risk register, an aspect and impact register, and a
    hazardous chemical management register so you can be conscious of your work environment.

  • Inspections & Audits

    Skytrust modules include evaluations, inspections, auditing software, and a safety risk register.

  • Plant & Equipment

    Includes: registration, equipment service reports, an editable registry, insurance reporting, and plant risk assessment software.

  • Inductions

    The induction and training register allows you to
    add documentation such as tickets & certifications.

  • Subcontractors

    Keep track of your subcontractors and classify them by current and non-current projects.
    Add their certifications and insurance to make sure they are compliant.

  • Human Resources

    Includes: Employee transaction reports, job training calendars, training matrix, training courses, and a psychological register.

  • Injury Management

    Skytrust’s online injury management system allows you to add appropriate files, such as doctor’s letters, Return to Work Plans, responsibilities, reports, and more.

  • Clients & Suppliers

    Keep track of your clients and suppliers with various search filters. You can then export this information to an Excel Spreadsheet (XLS) if needed.

  • Dashboard Alerts & Email Notifications

    Skytrust automatically notifies of transactions, WHS hazards, escalations, and reminders so nothing falls through the gaps.

  • User Groups

    Create your own user groups with different security and access privileges.
    Allow certain safety managers to access all modules and allow employees access to only some.