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Skytrust’s construction risk assessment software ensures safety across all sites

Construction sites, trades, and engineering companies can be dangerous places to work due to the ongoing risks associated with equipment, tools, and excessive movement of high risk plant.

Skytrust’s construction management software Australia assists the construction industry in ensuring that hazards and risks are identified and assessed consistently.

Our cloud-based construction site induction software assures that appropriate controls are implemented in order to comply with regulatory requirements that keep employees safe while at work.

Skytrust risk management software construction also makes sure your site avoids unnecessary delays on job sites by informing you of expired training, certification, and overdue plant and equipment maintenance.

That’s why you need the most robust and comprehensive construction EHS software in order to maintain a good reputation, protect your employees, and remain compliant.

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Construction Organization Software

Benefits of Skytrust’s Construction Health and Safety Management Software

Let Skytrust EHS Software do all the heavy work so you can focus on getting your job done effectively

Skytrust construction risk assessment software ensures employees, contractors, and required plant and equipment are ready to go from day one without experiencing significant delays or fines from non-compliance.
Benefits of Construction EHS Software

  • Construction site induction software to monitor plan and equiptment

    Monitor Plant and Equipment

    Keep track of maintenance and tag/testing requirements with automatic email notifications with Skytrust risk management software construction. Custom QR codes allow access to plant information instantaneously.

  • construction site induction software

    Send Out Inductions

    Need to get a contractor quickly on-site? Send out an induction straight from Skytrust construction management software Australia site induction software so they can complete the required induction immediately. No more paperwork, no wasted time.

  • Risk Management in Manufacturing Industries

    Identify Trends before an Incident occurs

    Instant data reporting means trends are formed constantly.

    Check through trends and alter your workplace accordingly to minimise risk and prevent incidents before they occur.

  • Act Fast - Risk Management in Manufacturing Industries

    Take Action Faster

    Be notified instantly so you can take immediate action as hazards and incidents arise within your whole team.
    Don’t wait around to print, sign, and scan documentation! Use a cloud-based EHS and OHS construction organisation software system instead.

  • ISO Certification for Occupational health and safety in manufacturing industries

    Gain Certification with ease

    Skytrust construction risk assessment software makes the certification process easy, as all your documentation is in one place and you can avoid wasting time shifting through paperwork.

  • No More paper work with EHS Software for Manufacturing

    Remove Endless Paperwork

    Paperwork and the accompanied 3-ringed folder is a thing of the past with Skytrust risk management software construction.

    Cloud-based reporting is here to stay.

  • Monitor Training

    Be notified of when employees and subcontractors training ís due to expire, and organise to get them renewed with our EHS and OHS software.

  • Empower Your Workforce

    Track mandatory staff training and comprehensive HR profiles, including any incident involvements, personal documents, and essential health information.

How our Construction Organisation Software Assist Australian and Global Construction Companies

The construction industry is identified as a WHS priority due to the high number of work-related fatalities and serious injuries.

For every 5,000 private-industry worker fatalities, 20% are in construction (accounting for one in five).

Read some of the ways we’ve helped the following construction companies:

Task National Projects

TASK is an owner-operated business that specialises in serving the Telecommunications and Broadcast Infrastructure sector, offering Australia-wide rigging and technical services from its bases in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

The TASK team have extensive experience with telecommunications and have developed a practical approach through Skytrust’s construction organisation software that covers all aspects of high-risk work.

It’s imperative that TASK has access to cloud-based construction risk assessment software so that they can assess, monitor, and manage risks at all times.

TASK relies on Skytrust to register and maintain plant, vehicles, and equipment and keep an accurate record of where they are at all times.

TASK uses Skytrust for training, site evaluation, auditing, and incident reporting.

Corfad Civil and Construction

Corfad Civil and Construction is a railway service construction company based in New South Wales.

Corfad relies on Skytrust construction risk assessment software and thanks to our all-in-one model, all modules are included in our costs. While searching for a reliable partner, Cofrad found that a lot of other construction site induction software included additional fees and costs to access extra modules after the initial installation.

Corfad Civil and Construction also found that Skytrust’s construction organisation software was beneficial in maintaining training requirements, had the ability to run reports for indicators, and had a QR code system for each plant.

Having such a high-quality WHSMS in place, minimises the risk of downtime through accidents and provides possible cost-saving through public liability insurance premiums.

The inductions are brilliant, and we don’t have to wait for people to come in. I create separate Induction Packages for FT workers, management, contractors and just email that specific package to them with the click of a button.

Patricia Kavanagh, HSEQ manager at Corfad

Precast Civil Group

Precast Civil Group is a fast-growing Australian owned and operated company with 22 sites on the east coast.

Precast specialises in the manufacture and supply of quality concrete products for commercial, civil, and residential projects.

A company like Precast Civil Group needs Skytrust construction management software Australia because their clients rely on the manufacture of an extensive range of products, all of which are manufactured to the highest quality.

What better way to earn their clients’ trust by implementing a cloud-based safety software like Skytrust EHS software for risk assessments, quality control, incident reporting, and auditing.

Why choose Skytrust’s Construction EHS Software? See for yourself with a FREE 3-month trial on us

Construction sites are extremely busy places with numerous moving equipment

You’ve got your team coming in and out, contractors working with them, while at the same time you’re coordinating the delivery of required machinery and materials for the job.

Meanwhile, you’ve got a strict deadline for a project and one of the last things you want to worry about is the endless paperwork on your desk to fill out in order to comply with WHS regulations.

Thankfully, there’s an answer to these headaches: enter Skytrust construction risk assessment software!

With Skytrust construction management software Australia, utilise the power of cloud-based reporting with the ability to fulfil and comply with required WHS regulations at the click of a button.

Fill out inspections, log any hazards and incidents immediately, and use QR codes to quickly access plant and equipment information while on-site with a mobile or tablet device. And this is just touching the surface of what Skytrust’s construction organisation software can do for your workplace.

Skytrust EHS software offers a free three-month trial so you can uncover the full potential of our system on your own terms!

Optimise your construction management software with Skytrust today.

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