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Contractor Project Management Software

Skytrust ensures all health & safety requirements are met in line with legislation to protect your employees and the community

Local Councils rely on effective contractor project management software for their consistent assessments and visits to construction sites, venues, homes, and meeting rooms.

Skytrust ensures Local Government workers and volunteers are safe at all times, as well as the members of the public who use and attend council property.

Councils and Local Government need the right software for builders and contractors in place, because they often carry out some of the same work as a lot of the other industries we cater to, like construction and community services.

Government Risk and Compliance for Healthy Environment


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Why Skytrust Is Essential For Local Government

Skytrust provides effective software for builders and contractors to help automate the back-end which frees up significant time that is usually spent on administrative duties.

Skytrust helps you automate systems such as contractor performance evaluation processes and visitor contractor and induction management in order to free up significant time that is usually physically spent on these mundane administrative duties.

  • Act Fast - Risk Management in Manufacturing Industries

    Take Action Faster

    Be notified instantly so you can take immediate action as hazards and incidents arise with your whole team.

  • No More paper work with EHS Software for Manufacturing

    Get Rid of Endless Paperwork

    Paperwork and the accompanied 3-ringed folder is a thing of the past. Cloud-based reporting is here to stay.

  • Risk Management in Manufacturing Industries

    Identify Trends Before an Incident Occurs

    Instantly reporting data means trends are formed constantly.

  • Manage Contractors

    Keep track of contractors on the go without worrying if they're qualified.
    Get notified of when subcontractors training, insurances, or certifications are due to expire, and organise to get them updated.

  • Empower Your Workforce

    Track mandatory staff training and comprehensive HR profiles.
    This includes any incident involvements, personal documents, and essential health information.

  • Ensure Compliance Is Being Met

    Increased regulation encompasses many additional challenges that can be overwhelming without an automotive system in place. Skytrust ensures your compliance is being met without the burden of clunky systems.

Skytrust Has Multiple Modules You Can Navigate Through Swiftly

Assess, monitor, and evaluate contractors with Skytrust

  • Maintain and track trading information, contact details, certification, and insurances.
  • Add contractors to your projects if they have met the required qualifications to ensure your compliance and protection.
  • Identify and set your preferred contractors.
Government Risk and Compliance Measure

Be notified immediately by instantly capturing actions, hazards, and incidents

  • Assign actions to workers and monitor what’s been completed and what hasn’t.
  • Increased visibility results in higher levels of productivity and ensures nothing falls through the gaps.
  • Allow works to capture hazards and incidents so the relevant people are notified immediately. Start taking decisive actions with your team
Software for Builder and Contractors - Instant Notification

Keep workers up to date with new policies and procedures

  • Stringent regulation in Local Government has resulted in a continual update to policies and procedures
    • Keep your team up to date with these changes and save time by sending out specific inductions based on corporate requirements

    the in-built creator

  • Create custom induction packages and send them out at the click of a button
  • Import your own customised SCORM content or use the in-built creator
New Policy Update - Contractor Project Management Software

Monitor visitors and personnel with a sign-in register

  • With stricter policies surrounding visitor and personnel check-in, the sign-in register tells you exactly who’s inside the premises, what time they arrived, as well as what time they departed
  • Take the guesswork out and let Skytrust do the monitoring
Contractor Project Management Software - Sign-in and Register

Local Governments That Rely On Skytrust

Stringent regulations in Local Governments create continual updates to policies and procedures

Visibility and transparency through Skytrust results in higher levels of productivity and ensures nothing falls through any gaps.

Our system supports 95% of Local Governments in South Australia. We also support a number of local councils across Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

South Australia Councils

Local Government Councils in South Australia that rely on Skytrust’s Health and Safety software include:

  • City of Adelaide
  • Port Augusta City Council
  • Kangaroo Island Council
  • Northern Areas Council
  • Barossa Council
  • City of Holdfast
  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield
  • Mount Baker District
  • Adelaide Plains Council
  • City of Murray Bridge
  • Flinders Ranges Council
  • Wattle Range Council

Skytrust is also trusted by the Parliamentary Reporting Division of the Parliament of South Australia.

Queensland Councils

We support some of the following Councils in Queensland:

  • North Burnett Regional Council
  • Noosa Shire Council
  • Burdekin Shire Council
  • Mckinlay Shire Council
  • Southern Downs Regional Council
  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council
  • Hinchinbrook Shire Council

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With Skytrust’s Health and Safety contractor management system, you can log hazards and incidents immediately, highlight trends, assign actions to your team, and manage and evaluate contractors all from the one platform.

We offer a free three-month trial so you can take full advantage of the system and see how it can help you yourself!

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