With Skytrust, the sky is the limit for your organisation 

Regardless of the size of your organisation, or what industry you’re in, Skytrust ensures you are compliant and protecting your workplace and team while not breaking the bank. 

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There’s a reason why industry leaders such as Bridgestone, Toyota Material Handling Australia and United Petroleum utilise Skytrust for their safety & compliance management needs.

It’s the Skytrust experience.


The team at your disposal

Our specialised team is comprised of safety professionals that have worked privately and on the side of the regulator. We know safety on all spectrums and provide you with a solution specific to your business model. We make your work life easier so you can focus on the meaningful tasks that matter to take your input to the next level and protect your workplace and team.

With you every step of the way

Taking control of your workplace can be a daunting task but taking action with the first step is key. We’re your right hand at every step of the way. From deployment, to roll-out and training. We don’t leave you in the dark at any point. It means streamlined processes, better employee satisfaction, improved employee productivity and ultimately puts your organisation in a position to grow.


Compliance should be your first priority

The platform is continually updated to match the relevant standards so you can rest assured that you are compliant in your industry. This means less paperwork, fewer calls and ultimately fewer headaches during audit time.

What’s some of the ramifications of being non-compliant? Well, hefty financial penalties, reputational damage and in worst-case scenarios company shut down. Who wants that, right? It doesn’t matter if you excel in your industry if you’re not first starting with ensuring your compliance.


It’s your move

We’ll show you what Skytrust can do for your organisation with a quick demo.

We will make the data migration and transition process as seamless as possible for you. You’ll send us your historical incidents, HR and any other data from your old platform and we’ll have your site live within 48 hours.

Gain full access to the Skytrust platform for 3 months, a dedicated account manager to handle any needs your organisation may have and a full customer service team as your right hand.  

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