With it looking more likely that the majority of 2020 will be interrupted by the current pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the whole world is feeling the effects of an unsettling and anxious climate. One of the main benefits of Skytrust being cloud-based is that you are able to coordinate much of the platform through conference calls, emails and webinars. Our Apple and Android App allow you to access Skytrust at any time and anywhere to ensure you are able to gain real-time insight into your organisation.

During these challenging times, we want to be there for you as much as possible. We are offering existing clients a FREE 1-hour training session to assist you in your COVID-19 set up. If you aren’t a client, our free 3-month trial is available to all businesses. Call us on (08) 8361 7100 to show you how you can best use Skytrust as a solution to protecting your workplace, staff and visitors.


Safety & Health Alerts

During this period of information overload and numerous announcements daily, reach your people quickly by raising Alerts to keep them updated on what’s happening with COVID-19.

SMS Register

Create a specific SMS group for your staff to reach them instantly and keep them informed on COVID-19 announcements relating to your operations as the situation develops.

*Please note there is a quota for the number of SMS sent out



It’s already difficult to keep all your critical information in one place to maintain records and avoid duplication of these files within your workplace. Create a dedicated folder for keeping all documentation relevant to COVID-19 and email to your employees any new documents or policies that arise. Additionally link any relevant websites such as Government alert updates.




Managers and Supervisors know the importance of worker consultation, particularly in this challenging time.  Quickly prepare and deliver important daily updates to the workforce which are retained and accessible for future reference.

Plant & Equipment

Keep a record of stock if providing sanitisers, gloves, respirators or any other items aiming to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The custom QR code can be added to your supply room for quick access to stock levels.

Risk Register

With the pandemic affecting economies and our usual working logistics, record new operational and corporate risks that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlighting these risks within your workplace can allow you to prepare for business continuity.



Incident Reporting

Create customised Incident Types such as Virus Exposure to capture any COVID-19 related incidents within your workplace.


With periods of self-isolation and work from home becoming the norm for much of the population, create specific inspections around work from home procedures and ergonomic checklists. Also, create inspection checklists for management/PCBU to ensure that they have addressed the relevant issues within their department.



Managers must ensure appropriate protocols and safe work instructions are developed and communicated about the COVID-19 outbreak and it’s impact on the workforce.  Easily publish this information and send it out to workers in real time allowing management to track, monitor and report on training records.

New Policy Update - Contractor Project Management Software

Employees (My Profile)

With social distancing and adequate hygiene practices at the forefront for stopping the spread, the My Profile section for employees can be updated as required with various Health Information such as medical check-ups.


Issue Register

Record confidential information on non-work related events reported by employees that may impact on their wellbeing or ability to work.

We’re here to help you during these difficult times

Let us take the stress out of managing your business through the COVID-19 crisis. If you are an existing client of ours, we are offering a FREE 1-hour training assistance of the above use cases.

Otherwise, our free 3-month trial is available to businesses of all sizes and we can assist you in setting up Skytrust. Times like this we need to look out for each other and we hope to help as many organisations as we can to navigate this challenging period. Call us on (08) 8361 7100 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to organise your set up.