Focus on destination A to B. Let Skytrust do the work for safety and compliance.

Efficiency is at the forefront of everything you do. Without a proven integrated management system in place, slow, laggy processes are tolerated and ultimately productivity is affected. With Skytrust ensure trucks, vans & forklifts are maintained and operative, highlight trends and implement corrective actions all within the one platform. Skytrust allows for automation within the back-end so you can focus on a fast, smooth and uninterrupted transportation and storage process. 

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Improving business processes with Skytrust

A dedicated and proven integrated management system like Skytrust allows you to manage areas of safety, risk, health, environmental, plant, equipment and HR which ensures that nothing is left to chance. The transport and logistics industry is highly competitive and without continual improvement as a priority in your workplace, you’ll be left behind.

Improving supply chain visibility with Skytrust

You can’t improve what you can’t see. With instant incident & hazard reporting for your staff and management team, identify trends that may be a troubling area or need for improvement while encourage and uplift staff when certain processes are exceeding benchmarks.

Complying to stricter regulations with Skytrust

With stricter regulations, Skytrust ensures you are compliant and not susceptible to any hefty penalties or fines. Utilise the specialised audit model aligned to ISO Standards to review your business processes and come external audit time, ensure your compliance is met.


Toyota Material Handling Australia successfully uses Skytrust as a one-stop-shop for managing their safety & compliance activities across 16 branches

  • Take action faster

    Be notified instantly so you can take immediate action as Hazards & Incidents arise with your whole team.

  • Increased visibility

    You can't improve what you can't see. Increased reporting results in increased visibility in your operations for your team.

  • Identify trends before an Incident occurs

    Instantly reporting data means trends are formed constantly.

  • Get rid of the endless paperwork

    It's 2020, paper work and the accompanied 3-ringed folder is a thing of the past. Cloud-based reporting is here to stay.

  • Gain certification with ease

    Having a proven integrated management system in place is necessary to meet the requirements of ISO standards.

  • Safety & compliance first approach

    Focus on being the most efficient in your industry. Let Skytrust take care of all the safety & compliance requirements and serve as the backbone for your organisation.

  • Empower your workforce

    Maintain tracking of mandatory staff training and comprehensive HR profiles including any incident involvements, personal documents and essential health information.

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