Utilising an efficient and proactive safety management system can result in a myriad of benefits that is otherwise non-existent with a system that is lagging, reactive and inefficient. A suitable safety & compliance management system for your business can provide for streamlined access to online auditing, incident and hazard reporting as well as the ability to oversee your operations from a mobile device on the go. 

There’s a reason why Skytrust is trusted by industry leaders such as Toyota Material Handling Australia, Driscolls and United Petroleum. Here are 3 of the top 3 reasons. 

Benefit from all the core features in your base subscription 

Some systems may only offer a few of their modules in their core package which is not cost-effective for many businesses. These type of packages are limited in this sense and the longer time investment into the platform will inevitably result in increased recurring costs as your business explores and utilises more of the platform. When you have a platform that includes the majority of the features in the core package, it allows you to grow without huge additional costs, scale as needed and you know exactly what you’re paying for from day one. Costing models that remove these barriers are far quicker to implement and get greater adoption within businesses. 

Adequate free 3-month trial

A 7-day or 14-day trial is not adequately long enough for you to evaluate an integrated management system. You need to understand how the platform will benefit you internally and how it will integrate within your workplace. The implementation and training process takes time, while it can be as simple as transferring over data, this implementation process also gives you the perfect opportunity to review outdated processes. Additionally, you need to gather feedback from your team and see if they are actively engaging with the new system or if it’s making their life more complicated. This will not be evident within two weeks and having the opportunity to dive deep in, receive feedback and see first-hand the efficiencies that a system like Skytrust can have on your business is crucial before coming to a decision where you will have to invest financially into a platform. Imagine forgoing significant time and also financial resources to realise 6 months later that this wasn’t the right system for you, it happens more often than you may think. A system like Skytrust gives you a 3-month trial period so you can weigh it up for your business with confidence at no risk.


User-friendly which helps employee engagement and satisfaction

There is a significant benefit when employees are using user-friendly tools that make their responsibilities and workday easier. Not only does it make it easier to carry out compliance tasks such as inspections but it also makes identifying improvements visible when these are done. Managing aspects of safety, compliance, risk management, environment and the like can somewhat be tedious for workers and therefore you need to explore ways you can engage them and provide a user-friendly way of managing these aspects. If employees are not engaged, they won’t thoroughly fill in hazard reports, routinely complete their inspections, or maintain the quality of your assets and equipment. This results in broken processes and a lack of employee satisfaction which can lead to lower levels of productivity for your business.