As a business or commercial owner, you have the responsibility to create and maintain an environment that is safe for your employees and minimises workplace injuries.

Health and safety should be at the top of your priority list as workplace injuries can not only cause injury to the affected person but can also lead to decreased morale, bring your business to a grinding halt, and result in costly downtime. 

With Skytrust, you can be confident that our OHS software is providing clarity to help you to make more informed decisions to protect your people and your business. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common injuries in workplaces today and how Skytrust can improve visibility, identify trends, reduce the risk of injury, and help you take action faster.


4 common workplace injuries

1. Slips, trips, and falls

Slips, trips, and falls in the workplace pose a significant hazard for employees. They can lead to painful injuries ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to more serious sprains, fractures, and even head injuries.

Despite the common notion that such accidents are more common in factories and warehouses, they occur in almost any industry or work setting, from corporate office environments to job sites with a variety of hazards. 


2. RSI

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) are an increasingly frequent hazard for workers in many industries across the globe.

The most common RSIs result from frequently using parts of one’s body in overly strenuous ways and often occur due to repetitive tasks performed without regard for posture or safety precautions.

Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, tightness, soreness, and burning and aching joints. 


3. Handling injuries

Everywhere from your office to a manufacturing facility, lifting and handling injuries are a frequent issue among workers, so much so that they are one of the most common workplace injuries.

The culprits vary depending on the type of job but include heavy or bulky equipment, awkward postures and manual lifting of items. 


4. Machinery injuries

Machine operating injuries are becoming increasingly common in workplaces such as factories and warehouses, where workers are using difficult or heavy equipment and tools regularly.

Although there have been marked improvements in modern machines, it is still important to remain vigilant when working with them.

It is essential that employers provide their employees with equipment that is suitable for their individual tasks, and that they get appropriate training in how to use it safely and correctly. 

Additionally, workplace health and safety software can help you easily keep track of past and upcoming maintenance schedules.


What are some of the common risks by industry?


The construction industry accounts for 20% of all private-industry worker fatalities. Falls, faulty equipment, and falling equipment are some of the most common injuries. 



Safety measures in the manufacturing industry are designed to protect workers and prevent downtime. Manufacturing risks include slips and falls, exposure to chemicals, overexertion, and fatigue.


Food and beverage

The F&B industry is liable for a number of risks, from microbiological and chemical hazards to physical injuries performing repetitive manual tasks. 


What can be done to reduce the risk of injury?

Skytrust is a risk management software solution that empowers businesses to take control of their operations and their people.

Skytrust empowers decision makers with the ability to improve visibility, identify trends, and take action sooner.

The result is a safer work environment for employees, visitors, contractors, and any other individual who enters your commercial or industrial site. 


Improve visibility

OHS software can greatly benefit organisations in their efforts to create a safer and more transparent working environment. With Skytrust, employers can effectively monitor and manage safety incidents, responses, and procedures from any physical location.

Through real-time tracking, visibility will be increased – which in turn improves the capacity for corrective action.


Identify trends

Our advanced WHS software is a powerful tool that can help you detect, analyse and understand trends in workplace hazards.

By identifying trouble spots, risk management software enables organisations to proactively manage risks associated with workplace health and safety.


Take action faster

Using this intel, managers can unearth how and why incidents occurred in order to formulate best practices for preventing them from happening again. 

This invaluable insight is now at their fingertips, enabling them to take action faster.


Empower your workforce

From incident results and staff training to health information, Our OHS management system can be a game changer for any workplace. Skytrust empowers your team with the tools they need to ensure that everyone operates as safely as possible.


Manage certification

OHS software is an effective tool to ensure each team member is up-to-date with their training and certification requirements.

Not only does this ensure that employees are continually developing new skills and knowledge, but it also reduces the risk of potential danger in the workspace.

Additionally, this type of software can be used to easily track individual qualifications, licences, and training requirements across a variety of areas and represented in a complete system.


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